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Monsterskin Anti Blue-ray Screen Protector

Monsterskin Anti Blue-ray Screen Protector

Blue light is the strongest light within the visible ray spectrum, and it has enough energy to penetrate straight through, passing the cornea and crystalline lens of the eye without being absorbed, and reaching the retina, which can cause it to deteriorate. Exposure to blue light for long periods of time can stimulate the ciliary muscle, causing the eye pupils to contract. This can cause a series of symptoms such as eye tired, eyestrain, dry eyes, or it can also misalign your internal body clock as it suppresses the secretion of sleep-inducing melatonin.

The range is 380 to 495 nm from Purple to Blue light. Blue light’s most strong power is in 380 to 430 nm. 

These findings are consistent with psychophysical reports of foveal tritanopia and maximum sensitivity to blue light at 1° eccentricity. Blue cone spacing may limit resolution of the blue channel out to 20–30° eccentricity. The blue and red/green mosaics appear to be formed by separate processes.

People look at display for a long time every time, and every day, blue light emitted from LCD, LED Displays, it is very strong power and gives bad damage to your eyes. 

MONSTERSKIN™ Anti Blu-Ray Super Impact Proof Screen Protector protect people's eye better, especially children’s eyes.

Reduce blue light cut 90%(380nm to 430nm), to protect your eyes and feel comfortable while viewing the screen for a long time.
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