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Four things to think about when buying a smartphone

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Four things to think about when buying a smartphone

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Before racing to the nearest cell phone dealership, take a minute to consider your options. After all, you have so many!

Do you really need a new phone?
Do you only use your phone for calls, texts or the odd ex stalk on Facebook? Don’t be shy to admit it. If so, you might want to consider getting a used phone from a trusted, certified service that offers you the benefits of a new phone without the stressful contracts and crazy costs.

Used phones don’t mean abused phones
Many people keep in mind that, at the end of their contract, they’d like to sell their phone to make some extra cash. This means many used phones are well looked after and can take on a second life long after completing its first one. Used phones still have all of the bells and whistles of a new phone - it’s just been loved a little longer.

How much is a new phone going to cost you?
It’s no secret getting a new smartphone can cost an arm and a leg - especially if you’re going for a flagship brand like Apple or Samsung. However, if you choose to buy a previously-loved phone from a reputable service, you can still get a quality flagship smartphone without parting with tons of your hard-earned money.

Wait, what about warranties?
Nine times out of ten, when you purchase a used phone, you aren’t covered by a warranty. Phonetradr gives you a 12-month warranty when you purchase any of their used phones. Best part? It comes without any additional cost!

Think smart when getting your next phone.

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