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Care Tips when receiving your Repaired Device back

Thank you for Choosing Cell Clinic to repair your Smart Phone and even though we enjoyed working with you, we would like to help you avoid any Smart Phone accidents in the future with a few helpful suggestions, whilst this does not guarantee that another accident wont happen, hopefully we can help you avoid it for as long as possible, here are some of our top tips.

1. Using Tampered Glass really does work and this is from personal experience. I too have butter hands and have dropped my iPhone X several times - but the only thing thats ever cracked was the tampered glass - not only does it prevent cracks but it also assists with scratches should you want to sell your device when you upgrade.

2. Using a Pouch, the more rubber the better….. once again its not just helpful for cracks but keeping the wear and tear to a minimum for that resale day.

3. How water proof is my Phone - my suggestion would be not test the waters - whilst Manufacturers advertise water resistant - there is a lot of terms and conditions under the fine print and even more so once repaired even though we use only original spares, applied with original tooling, we suggest that you don't take your phone swimming and even more importantly not in the sea.

4. These tips may seem trivial, but we all have those dirty little habits that gets us in trouble; avoid putting device on the roof of your car, your front pocket (this is by far the most popular cause) and the back pocket for two reasons, when you sit the pressure could damage the screen as your device cannot carry the weight, two for petty crime.

5. Do not leave your phone in the sun.

6. Do not leave your phone lying around when having a fight with your spouse.

7. Do not let your baby eat your phone or play with your phone while eating.

8. Always unplug your device when there is the possibility of an electrical surge I.e Lightening or the new SA favourite “load Shedding”

9. Dont Put your phone on or near a Stove, yes it has happened, sometimes we forget the stove on and put our phone on the plate for a second.

10. Keep your phone off the dinner table, this is good both for social reasons and for the obvious reason that quiet often our beverage gets knocked over, and while most the time we are quick to the rescue, sometimes that coke can get into crevices, which could sometimes be an immediate disaster and at other times it might take awhile, the coke becomes a sticky residue and that can cause problems.

On a Side note;


Should you be due for an upgrade and you want to sell your device - we highly recommend, they are a South African based company with tons of benefits for both buyer and seller including warranties and security - we give them 5 Stars!!!!

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